IASI greenhouse gases and aerosols data

Overview of the METOP/IASI methane (CH4) and aerosols data products developed at the Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (BIRA-IASB).



The IASI CH4 product is developed with the ASIMUT-ALVL algorithm. ASIMUT-ALVL is a radiative transfer and inversion software developed at BIRA-IASB, designed for simulating atmospheric radiances and inversions in planetary atmospheres (Vandaele et al., 2006). The ASIMUT-ALVL code has a specific interface dealing with the IASI instrument characteristics. The retrieval is based on the optimal estimation method (Rodgers, 2000).

Contact: Charles Robert
E-mail: charles (dot) robert (at) aeronomie (dot) be


The IASI aerosols product includes mineral dust (from deserts) and volcanic ash aerosols. The former is produced almost operationnally while the latter is currently still on a case-study basis (for example Maes et al., 2016). The product is obtained through a specific optimal estimation algorithm using RTTOV as radiative transfer (Saunders et al., 2018). The most recent reference is Callewaert et al., 2019.

Contact: Sophie Vandenbussche
E-mail: sophie (at) vandenbussche (at) aeronomie (dot) be



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